Monday, June 1, 2009

Our 15 minutes in Toy's Rus

Yesterday was a nice family day for me. My wife and I took our son to a park for a walk, and then we went to a shopping mall nearby for lunch. Things were so far so good. We enjoyed time very much. My son is about 20 months old. He is very cute and quite curious of the world of course. Then, we stopped by the Toy's Rus store and here it go...

There were sound making by many toys. There were kids of different ages running around. There were stacks of colorful boxes in aisles after aisles. My son like us to hold him in our our arms, being lazy to walk in many cases and places. But, not there! Once we put him on the floor, he was just walking around on his own, looking at boxes of toys. Pushing those even bigger than his size. Touched this and that. When we took him to the Lego and cars section, he was just running wild. I was trying to choose a toy for him, while my wife was taking care of him, I supposed, she just called my up loud with a smile and said: "hey, come on and look! You son is out of control!". He just picked up boxes of cars, trucks, vans, buses and handle them to my wife. I was busily put them back on the shelves. She then asked me: "Why he keep hand over those boxes to me? Does he want me to buy them?". I said:"No, he doesn't have the concept of buying yet. He just showed you the boxes and want you to have a look, saying that he recognizes what it is in the boxes, that's all!"

Of coursed, we ended up getting him, a van, a double-deck bus, and a Lego mobile. While waiting in the checkout line, I told my wife to look around at the behavior of other kids there. Simply based on our son's behavior there, I said:"Look, that's his future behavior!" My wife was so surprise of our son's reaction of being there. I said: "He just acted like you when you are in Zara!" The funny thing was that when my son wanted me to put him on the floor, I just hold him tight and say "pa pa loved to hug you in my arms!" and took him out of that place!

Nonetheless, I'm just that we will be back! Because he will make us to!......

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