Monday, June 22, 2009


Since I was kid, I always love cats over dogs. I'd cat as pet back then. Maybe, it was because the place that I lived had rats, so it was better to have cats then dogs. Also, dogs are bigger and they need larger space which was something that we didn't have back then. If we were not cat-owners, we wouldn't know that cat also eats grass! Cos, all textbooks were saying cats eat fishes. But, cats do eat grass for their digestion. When I was a kid, the old place that lived, there were some old with a bit of wilderness. There were trees, some hills, flowers, bugs, all types wild beings. There were some strayed dogs and cats too. As the dogs were bulling the cats, kids there were usually more defendants of cats than dogs. We brought leftovers to feed them, and when we saw dogs chasing cats, we threw rocks to them to drive them away. However, we did scare of the dogs cos we all heard of rabies, little did we know that cats could have rabies as well. But, usually dogs bite people, but cats were usually more afraid of people. So, we would rather be friendly to them.

I'd not owned a cat for many many years. Cos, owning a pet is a heavy duty, though cats are relatively easy to take care of, as they often really live and taking care of themselves by themselves. You still have to feed them and do some clean up. Yes, with enough training and new technology, those tasks are now much more convenient. Still, it takes works. Sometimes, I just too lazy or busy to take care of a pet. Imagine back then when I was living alone and had to take business trip every now and then. Who would take care of a pet for me? Also, one of the reason why some people owning a pet is because they are lonely and would like companionship. For me, I wasn't and ain't definitely lonely. Also, for lonely folks, usually they would prefer dogs over cats. Cats are just too cool for their owner...actually, there is a saying that cats don't think that we are their owners, unlike dogs, though we do the same things to them: feeding them, cleaning them, give them rooms to live, etc. Dogs would think that we do that because we are their owners. But for cats, they would think that we do that because they are our masters, we are simply serving them! As an ex-cat-owner, I can see where that comes from!....

Anyhow, I'm not planning to get myself any pet any time soon. Just taking care of my kid is already a rewarding but exhausting tasks. However, I was told that it would be a nice experience to let kid to own a pet, especially for single kid. So, they would be able to learn to take on responsibilities and the matter of life and death. As pets are relatively short-lived than us (1 year of cat/dog = 7 years of human). So, let's see if I will get my son a pet some days, though it is not gonna be soon, I still would choose a cat! If I can afford one, I would love to get myself a Maine coon, if not, any kind would be fine. Well, what can I say, I just love cats!

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