Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Just came back from the movie. To be honest, I enjoy this movie very much, perhaps because I had a relatively low expectation coming into it after hearing some critics on this movie. Actually, I think the critics got their points, such as....'Oh the movie is not humor...unlike to previous 3...','oh...Christian Bale didn't act much...','how can John Connor have an open heart surgery in the middle of the desert?', or 'how come the T-800s are so dumb? They only push human around? etc' Well, I think all of these are just 'trying to find bones in an egg', if u know what I mean?

As a new series, the Terminator chronicles enter a new phase. After Judgement day, lives are bleak, less humor is fine. Also, the story itself is ok too. You can't expect too much from these. I think it will be better in future sequels once they can start playing with the time machine. The action pieces of the movie are quite good. Acting are decent, Sam Worthington is definitely an actor to watch. He stole the movie I think. The little girl called Star in the movie looks really like a kiddy Janet Jackson. Also, the director McG did a good job to pay homage to the old series, like the 'money' lines: "Come with me if you want to live", and "I'll be back!" are there, also even the Guns'n Roses' You could be Mine' were in the movie as well. That's what I notice. Certainly, the CG Arnold was decent, I think the movie is good, actually a must see in cinema.

The next one that I'm looking forward is the sequel of Transformers. I hope I want be disappointed. My only concern would be the action pieces will be too fast to tell what is going on. Cos, the robots in action with explosion and dusts. Maybe hard to follow, let's see if that will be a problem. Stay tune.....

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