Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Learning lesson redux

Being a parent is an non-replaceable experience. When I see what my son is going through, what he is doing and all that, I often try to understand why he did certain things. That trigger my chain of thoughts on how we human learn things. For example, my son sometimes just looks up above while he is walking forward. Of course, we will tell him not to. Cos, he may step on things or bump into things and get hurt. However, why he does that? My guess is that it is sometimes visually entertaining for him doing that. Cos, if there are lights above, or there are some graphic patterns on the ceiling, they look different or they change when you move. That's an interesting experience for him. I guess that's why he did that.

Last night, while my wife, my son and I were waiting for an elevator, there were an old couple waiting there as well. They were trying to talk to my son, but my son was so shy that he simply looked down on the floor. We were teasing him and we even bent down to see his face. We found that he was very funny for being so shy. He didn't talk, not even making a move. That's kinda strange for a kid this young. Come to think of it, why he behaved like that? Was he not shy, but scare? Why looking down and standing still, but not crying or running away? Yes, I was holding his hand at that time, but he could still try to struggle and pull away. Why he didn't do that? My guess is that for me and my wife being there gave him certain level of comfort. The old couple didn't move either, so they weren't threatening. He looked down to avoid eye contact. That's one way of escapism. Looking down on the floor which was something that not moving or threatening. However, it is all guesses in my mind. Nonetheless, analyzing his behaviors are just fun.

Certainly, when he grows older, as he will have more information in his head and his verbal ability improves, I can ask more 'why' to him directly and get answer. For now, I just can only guess.

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