Monday, June 15, 2009

Lakers - NBA Champion of 2009

Well, my previous predictions about the playoff results are all wrong. I'm fine with that cos that is the fun part about following up sports. Lakers finally bit Magic by 4-1 to win the series. Kobe Bryant, as the closest resemble of MJ, got it done thsi time, learning from last year against the Celtics. Well, Magic is no Celtics who are much more seasoned and experienced. Anyway, Phil Jackson won his 10th rings which is amazing. Well, haters can say all the want, but a fact is a fact, he is legendary coach of basketball, that's something can't be denied.

There are a lot of what Yao didn't get hurt, KG didn't get hurt, etc. I think it is just better to wait till next season. I'm still rooting for the Celtics and Rockets. Hopefully, they can do better next year. For this year, the season and playoff are over. Kobe and his gangs are gonna meet Obama later this year. Good for them.

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