Thursday, September 27, 2007

What is important?

After my baby is borned, my life is changed completely. I'm responsible of his well-being. I'm upset when I make mistake, especially related to him. What used to important to me before becomes negligible. I know what's important to me now. However, I'm still in a mist whenever I consider what, when and how the right things should be done. I'm still searching and learning through trials and errors. Hopefully, I can avoid as much mistakes as possible. I should stop rumbling and get my butt moving. Get something done...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Busy busy busy

The birth of my son really turns my life upside down. I've so much to learn, it is exciting and tiring. The out of focus picture kinda reflect my focus of life now - he is there in front of me and I've the responsibility to take care of him. I was exhausted on the first day and it is only the first day! There are still so much to be done. He doesn't have a Chinese name yet. Though an English name is set for now but I still don't wanna announce it until I'm really ready. He is a Virgo, so it is gonna be a challenge to be deal with. He is kinda look like me more that my wife. He has long limbs which is unlike me. Anyway, there is so much to talk about.....
Well, I think I won't have much time to update my blog in near future. If I do, it's gonna be brief. Cos, I just have some much else related to him that I've to take care of. Certainly, I can't and won't ignore my wife too! I gotta have her to work with me to support him rather than I support both of them because of my ignorance and neglect. It is hard, but I gotta do it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Breaking news!

Today, I'm prouded to inform the world that I'm a new dad of a 7 lb 8 ounces baby boy. Thanks Cora and Dr. Anne Fang for their joined effort today. Also, I would like to thank the Supreme Being up there for all HIS blessings for the whole process. More details will be shared asap!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Health and Wealth

Recently, I came across a very thoughtful statement in one of the blogs (I forgot which one) that I read regularly. Nonetheless, it is very true. I can’t quote, but paraphrase as:

You trade your health for material wealth when you are young,
you trade your material wealth for health when you got old.

Something that definitely gets me think…….

9/11 Personal Recollection

Six years ago today, I was at chatting with Cora on the phone in the evening at home as usual. Suddenly, my sister Allison called me on a separate line and told me to turn on the TV. I didn’t take what she said seriously and thought that it must be some music program on TV that my sister thought that I would be interested. So, I simply said: ‘ok, ok, I will check that out later…’ Then, around 11pm, I turned the TV on, ‘Holy Sxxx!’ New York was under attack! And the the Pentagon, etc…. I was hooked to the tube till 2 a.m. and can’t stop checking the news the next morning, days and weeks after…. Though, I don’t personally know anyone who died on that day (thank God), my college roommate, Fernando, who is visual-impaired, was on the way to work by subway that morning, and was grabbed by other folks to walk across Brooklyn Bridge later to go home to meet his wife. He was very emotional and hugged his wife when they met. I found out all of this later certainly. For many folks, particular those who had been in the U.S., been in NYC, or folks like me who lived there for a long time and know people there. That’s day that you will never forget.

Whenever tragedy hit, regardless it’s as huge as 9/11 or something personal, they are key drivers of change. For those who vanish, they just gone…..for those who remain…usually they no longer stay the same. Their concept of what is important could change, they would no longer take things for grant. When they think differently, their actions reflect. Then, the consequences of they actions will follow. Collectively, it could lead to major shift in community if the event hit many.

Friday, September 7, 2007

ipod Touch

Finally, it is out! Now, I've an ipod 'Classic', the last generation of it. I was hoping to get a replacement or improvement of my ipod experience before the Macworld announcement yesterday. I was a bit disappointed. Cos, what I really want is a combo of the latest ipod Classic and ipod Touch! I want the multi-touch feature and a large capacity. Come to think of it, I think Apple is really smart this time. They tease folks like me that yes, we know that you want large capacity, we give you at least 80GB or 160GB ipod Classic, you want iphone but don't want to bother with phone contract, hey, we give you ipod Touch. But, if you want both! Ha, you gotta wait.....or if you can't wait.....then....why don't you just hop in our store and let us fulfill you need partially at the moment. Then, someone who can't stand the lust of the current ipod Classic and ipod Touch may just open his wallet and 'ka-ching' there! Thank you very much!
I do really want a higher capacity ipod, I have more than 50GB of songs (not exact but definitely more than 30GB that my current ipod can hold)! Certainly, it is NOT out of needs to bring my music collection with me all the time, but I just don't want to spend the time to drag and exchange songs between iTunes and ipod all the time. Addition is fine for me, unlike podcast which I can delete them once I've listened to them. But for songs, sometimes I do have the urge to listen to some songs for no particular reason....Maybe, I hear a name, I saw a picture, or just out of deja vu! Then, I can't listen to that tune and have to go home to get the song that I own, that's kinda frustrating at times.
Multi-touch is attractive feature, just a fun way to interface with your machine. I don't have an iphone yet, so it is fine for the moment. Like a guy who live in Siberia all his life, he doesn't mind to continue his life without tasting sashimi or mango. It is fine with him....Similarly, without Wi-Fi or web browser on-the-go is fine with me for the moment. But, damn, Steve Jobs just a god! Apple can just make something geeks love to own!
I think I can hold on my impulse to get neither one of them at this moment. I'm a patient guy, I hope I can get my money worthy next year at this time.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Morphing 1

Just found out an interesting website and when you play with it, these are what you got:

Alan Lau + David Beckham:

Tom Cruise + Brad Pitt:

Then,....morph all 4 guys together:

Cool huh!