Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Latest Personal Happenings - Jun 09

I’ve not been actively updated my blog as much as I used to. I think it has a lot to do with how busy or lazy I am lately. I like to keep my blog up with good content, rather than simply jogging down mumbo jumbo.

So, what have caught my attention lately (not in any order of importance)?

1. iPhone 3G s release – Finally! The wait is over, I’m going to get one as soon as I can get a hand of it. In view of my current financial condition and my working/family lifestyle, I think this is the only gadget I’m gonna invest in it. I’m gonna get the 32GB one, so my current 30GB iPod Classic can be replaced. Though I would like to have much higher capacity, I can only get what is available. Also, my Samsung AnyCall can retire too. With the iPhone, I think my personal matters can be managed better, as least I won’t forget dates or events. Certainly, with internet access on the go, it would be very nice!

2. More Shoppings –
I bought a nice expensive Panasonic Rice Cooker which is Made in Japan (a rarity these days) and a relatively expensive non-sticky frying pan this week. My wife asked me why I bought such expensive items. I think I’m frugal in many senses, but not often on durable goods. Just hope they will last long.

3. Wardrobe Shuffling –
I don’t like clothes shopping much. Lately, I did go to buy some new clothes recently in M&S and Uniqiuo. I do feel good to have some new clothes on. The bottomline is that my closet is way to small, and that really put me off from buying new clothes. I think I would need to clean that up somehow in one of the upcoming weekends out of necessity.

4. Movie going –
I’ve not gone to movie since viewing ‘Departure’ few months back. Squeezing time to go to movie is just tough for me, I’m not confident that I can find time to go to Terminator Salvation. However, I would try my best to go to Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen. Cos, I listened to the theme song of that movie from Linkin Park, I like it a lot. Also, this movie should be seen in cinema, IMAX would be perfect, but definitely not at home.

5. My son –
we are still struggling to get him to eat more and to learn de-diapering. Besides these 2 matters, actually, my son is fine overall. Sure, he has already shows his bad temper, but I would say that is still manageable to can be understood as part of his growth. I hope he can improve on those 2 aspects in coming months before he attends nursery. Also, he is very shy with strangers and struggling with stairs. Well, I guess most parents have gone through similar things more or less. So, just need to take it one step at a time.

6. Strange Dream – well, I had a dream last night that involved President Obama, Michelle Obama, Predators, my old colleagues, some local politicians, snakes, a bus stop, and a jungle. How strange huh?

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