Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My thought on iPhone Nano

Before WWDC this year, there were many rumors about what Apple will release this time. iPhone 3Gs, great! I'm gonna get it soon. Tablet? or 'iPad' or whatever you wanna call it, I think Apple will release it next year, which will become another game changer in the industry. It should be a good replacement to those oversize PMP or Kindle. But, when it comes to iPhone Nano....I just don't think it is gonna happen. Why? I read an article yesterday from PC Home, it asked a very good question: Is iPhone a PC which happens to have phone function or the other way around?

I think iPhone's name is deceiving. It is actually a 'Mac in Pocket'. Especially when it can run programs at the back while users are using for certain functions. Also, I think another hint is that the external factor of iPhone 3Gs is the SAME as previous models. It means that Apple is happy with its current format, the size, the look and all that. Well, it may be even a bit thinner in future, but I doubt it will shrink it size to make it so-called more 'convenient'. Cos, I think iPhone has already achieve its optimal size, particular the screen size. If iPhone does really wanna compete with low end low price model, the answer is already here. It reduces its price to US$99! It can compete in price if it can keep its costs down and maintain reasonable profit margin. Hence, there is no need to compete by making a scale back, subpar model. Instead, iPhone is improving itself inside - more memory, faster chip, video capturing, etc. These are largely internal. Well, I'm sure down the road, it will still make certain physical changes, such as a front camera, or a standard USB plug. However, I think that's about it. Let alone those change in color, case materials switching from plastic to metal to alloy to plastic again...

Well, that's just my thought for now. Based on my records of prediction...don't bet on mine! ha ha!!

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