Thursday, November 21, 2013

iPhone 5s

Finally, I upgrade my iPhone experience with a ‘space-grey’ 64G iPhone 5s. It is freaking expensive, but I have no regret doing that. Considering my upgrade is from a 3GS! With retina display, Siri, thinner body, the A7/M7 combo and surprisingly good the fingerprint recognization tech. It is just a great product! Using my fingerprints to unlock the phone is not just so cool, but very convenient! I’m sure Apple is gonna do more with this technology down the road. Also, with 64G, I’ve more room to take photos and movie clips. The slo-mo is cool, but I don’t use it that much. Siri is cool, but I rarely use it, perhaps I don’t like to talk to my phone much. But I think I will do more research to see what Siri is capable of. Also, I grab the official Apple case as well, all black leather with some kind of ‘soft cushioning’ inside, it is costly but given my wish to use it for next few years. I hope it is worthy. Lastly, one of the main reason why I do this upgrade is because of iOS7. It is a nice upgrade as well. Like the new settings in Photo, Camera, etc. Except the notification center is something that I’ve not yet comfortable with. There is still plenty hidden gems to be dug out when I have time. Anyway, it is an excellent purchase for me given my limited time to do anything else and the extent of usage that I have on my phone. I love my 5s!


Having post anything for a while. Actually, I do have quite few things that I wanna share. Perhaps, I’m just make a few bullet posts about them.

It is better to be late than never. I saw this movie last month with my wife while we could squeeze out a late evening out on our own. She didn’t enjoy it that much but thanks for accommodating my taste. I like that movie very much. These are few thoughts that I have about that movie.

- Sandra Bullock is gonna be nominated in Acadamy Award next year. She leads the movie from beginning to end. A very engaging experience because of her acting.

- Agreed wtih Jim Cameron, it is the best space movie ever.

- Wish I saw it on iMax, but 3D is a must. 

- People criticize the simplicity of the script, but I think it is the simplicity that really make this movies more focus. If they add some flash back on earth and all that, it will ruin the movie.