Friday, May 29, 2009

Man and Gadgets

While having lunch with an ex-colleague of mine this week, other than sighing what we have faced at work respectively. One item that my friend raised was interesting. It is about Men and its gadgets. I said, compared with most other men, I do have less gadgets than them. E.g. I don't play with cameras or handheld portable gaming devices. But I do pay a lot of attention on iPhone, iPod, etc. So, for men, though whether they change their gadgets frequently or owning how many of them is one thing, most of them do have interests in those things. I explained to my friend that interested in gadgets is in line with our DNA evolution. When our ancestors were cavemen, the women were staying in the cave to cook and carrying the young, men were out hunting or fishing. They will compete and compare with their tools. They would analyze them, improve them and all that. That's how many came to interest in their gadgets.

Come to think of it, men are more superficial in some ways. We like excitements to our senses. So, we like our PMP to watch videos, listen to mp3, play with games, taking pictures, etc. That's why for most women, they don't use more than 5% of the functions in their smartphone, cos all they do is talk! They may change the case of their mobile or hang some fluffy hello kitty to their phone, put stickers here and there. To be able to change the wallpaper is already a big thing. Sure, there are always some women know a lot more about tech function stuff, even more than men in some cases. But most of them, just do what I just described. Well, there's nothing wrong with that, we just look at things differently. Women are more into art and beauty, men are more into functionalities. That's why when people are changing their gadgets, men and women are usually doing that for different reasons.

Well, I just can't wait till July 17, that's when the new iPhone supposed to come out. I will make my final decision then on whether I will jump on board on the unstoppable train of iPhone. Though I've been saying yes to that for more than a year, in the last two days, I was thinking if I should keep my mobile and get an iPod Touch instead. Well, I'm still thinking.....

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