Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson R.I.P.(1958 - 2009)

Whenever celebrity dies, especially those of larger than life figures, it always invokes the ‘mental stamp’ that we will remember where were we when we first heard of the news. When Princess Diana died, I got that through TV news at night when I was reading novels with TV on. 10 days later when Mother Teresa died, I was at work and got that news via Today, I learned Michael Jackson died on this morning at work.

I was shock by the news. Well, that’s normal, cos he was not known with long term sickness like cancer or something. So, at the age of 50, he was reportedly died of cardio arrest. As of this moment, the exact cause of death is still pending for examination.

Michael Jackson is definitely one of my favor entertainers. His rise of fame basically took place during my teenage years. Yes, I owned a cassette of ‘Thriller’, one of the first few American pop music album that I listened to back then, along with Billy Joel’s Innocent Man album and few others. His dance move was simply amazing. I didn’t know people can dance like that with beats and rhythm. Before him, my impression of dancing to modern music was those images of folks in disco dancing along Saturday Night Fever or some ABBA’s songs. Namely, simply body swinging left and right, back and forth, nothing fancy. Michael Jackson changed all that. He even made zombie looks cool with his Thriller video. Of course, subsequent facial and skin color changes were unexpected as well. However, to audience of his performance and listener of his music, including me, those are not important stuff, let alone other allegations, or scandals of his private life. What matter to me was his performance, whether his dance move still got the groove or whether his songs still catchy, and they all did.

Well, his death became another footnote of our growth and maturity. It just reminded us that time always on the move and history has been making all along. I think artistically, Michael Jackson has done pretty much most he could. It would be close to impossible to overtake what he had done for the world of entertainment, not even by himself if he would still be alive. I think for audience like us, all we can do is to listen to his songs and watch his performance back in his hey days every now and then. For me, I will definitely show his videos to my son when he is older, to show him that there used to be a great entertainer called Michael Jackson that his dad had admired very much.

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