Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Use our senses

When the economy was good, most of us indulged in our works and enjoy our leisure time with family and friends. It was actually okay to be ignorant of the society, let alone the world out there. Though I'm not one of them, many folks did live those lives. That's why there are many people who didn't know world events or knowledge beyond what the stupid headlines or topics in casual chats in front of water fountain.

When the economy was bad, many folks can still live the life mentioned above as long as they still have a job. Certainly, the job security is an issue and people will start paying more attention to the local economy. As local economy is closely tied to the global one, the latest recession (or possible depression) really get many people anxious. The recent nosedive of major stocks in the local stock index does get on many people's nerves. Yes, that's still unrealized losses, but come on, how many folks' wealth are in real paper money under their mattress? So, I think that the tanking of market will really further dampening the local retail market as the only brighter spot in the local economy so far. That's deemed to be changing.
Many folks are asking 'why?' but what they get in return is hearsay and soundbites from the media. How many will really spend sometimes to read and think? Not the majority, it is said that folks with all the information accessible at their fingertips and not use it to find out more. They may see, but they don't 'read', they may hear, but they don't 'listen'. It is just sad! Cos, a lot of behavior changes are usually triggered by social events related to political, economical, or health. The current economic catastrophe should be a triggering event that make people think, especially the sense of value, what is important to that live. What they did? what they are doing? and what they should have done? will all affect what they will do in future.

I just think people should spend more time to use their sense to find out what is going on in the society and in the world. That can help them to understand the 'rings in the chain' that link events together. See what can be done, at least on a personal level. For example, should we live a more 'green' life? That can save us money, save the environment at the same time. Especially after I became a parent, this just get me thinking more about what kind of life he will live in future. What kind of things that we are doing now and what would they lead to in future? Before doing anything, use our senses to link ourselves to the world, then think! That's what I'm trying to say....

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