Monday, March 2, 2009

Ideas that may "change" the world - #1

Problem - Erosion of the wild and global food shortage
Suggestion - Mandatory field trips to slaughter house and alternative-nutrients presentation for all ten years old and their parents in developed countries
Rationale -

- Many people don't know how to they get their meats, except going to supermarkets.
- According to some studies, many people find the treating of animals, the ways the are housed, transported, and slaughtered are so appalling that, they eat less meats, and some even become vegetarians.
- If the animals are shown to be treated nicely, the kids will find the too adorable to be killed for food. On the contrary, when the animals are treated badly, the suffering that they go through will make people have second thoughts about consuming them.
- 10 years are old enough to understand things and before they hit the puberty that will consume large sum of meats.
- Parents need to be there, so they see things first hand, cos what kids will eat has a lot to do with parent's choice, so the presentation can provide them alternatives to meats.
- People in developed countries are relatively larger meat consumers than people in developing countries.
- This suggestion is trying to reduce the demand side of the equation.
Besides deforestation for wood supply, many natural wilderness are destroyed for herding of livestocks. Also, farmlands have been eroded due to the more lucative business of using land for animals farms.
- A same piece of land can provide larger volume of plant-based foods than meat. So, more people can be fed.

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