Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ideas that may "change" the world - #2

Problem - Racial Discrimination
Suggestion - Governments provide economic benefits to racially mixed births
Rationale -
- Number of racially mixed marriages have increase over years, and so do the number of births from those couples. However, economic incentives do help people to have kids. It applies to same-race couples as well. So, it should work towards mixed couples too.
- If there are getting more racially mixed people in the world, I think it is the ultimate solution to the problem. Yes, education can help, but when your parents, and grandparents are from different races, it doesn't really make any sense to discriminate anyone. At least not by their races.
- Racial issues usually happen to society that are more of 'black' and 'white', or I would say more 'color-distintive' society. However, if there is a 'rainbow' of colors in the population, and they are the majority. Things should be better.

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