Friday, March 20, 2009


I love to read. I think I picked up this habit when I was in my fourth grade. One day, I just happen to start reading articles in newspaper. Since then, it became a habit to read regularly for leisure. I’d clearly distinguished the difference between reading for leisure and reading for school. Cos, the materials were different and so did my mentality.

As a kid, I was very curious of the world, certainly it was from a very kiddy point of view. Anything that I found interesting, I would read. I think I began to read for information and knowing things, more than learning or for entertaining. For example, I was interested in paranormal or mystery stuff back then. I would read articles or books about UFO, Loch Ness monsters, and ghosts. Cos, those books would tell me something that I don’t know. Certainly, I did read comic books, but I was not into novels until I began junior high, when I start to read sci-fi novels. Also, I would read maps, books about civilizations, dinosaurs, weapons, etc, typical boy stuff.

Source of my books were mostly from library, I did buy some books, but shopping for books would be a totally separate topic that I will blog next time. When I first went to my school’s library, I was so excited! I simply would walk from aisle to aisle, shelf by shelf to check out what were there. Then, I began to learn some categories of knowledge that I’d no idea for. When I was a kid, I needed to take a general science course. I didn’t know science could be broken down into biology, chemistry, physics, etc. When I went to bookstore that was even shocking to me. The books were newer and cleaner. There were even more categories available. That was incredible to me!

As I grow older, I’ve been reading continuously for leisure. I would simply pick up almost anything of books, just to see what they were all about. Certainly, that didn’t make me into expert of any kind. However, I think I did read hundreds of books when I was younger. Novels of different kinds, mostly sci-fi, but I also would read Wu-Xai, crime, legal and few love stories. However, my favor books were informative non-fiction books.

Reading takes time, I read less and less as my life moved on to different stages. From being a full-time student who had ample of time to having a full-time job, from being single to having a life partner, from marriage without children to being a dad, spending time to read a book became a luxury that is so hard to afford. I think I had only read 2 books last year.

However, thank God for internet! It helps me tremendously in terms of reading. Cos, besides books, I love to read magazines or short articles. So, with internet, I can stay inform conveniently and be able to stay in touch with not just news, but news analysis of all sorts. Now, with blogs, that’s even better. Considering my tight daily schedule, I just don’t have much time to ‘feel’ the social pulse on what the world’s view of topics. Yes, I spend half hour of so to watch late night news, but what are people think about that news? I would not know, as I don’t listen to radios anymore. Reading blog is such a good way to know what others’ opinion of the world. I love that.

Looking forward to my future, I think about a ‘cycle’. I will have to go back to read basic school books again! When my son grows older, I think I would need to refresh my knowledge while helping him on school works. Surely, the mentality is different than when I was in his place. Nonetheless, building up a habit of reading will definitely be my hope for my son. Cos, nothing is better than sharing thoughts after reading something in common and discuss. I wouldn’t know what he will love to read for now, but we will see….

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