Monday, March 2, 2009

Ideas that may "change" the world - Preface

Obama talks about "Change". I believe in "Change" as well, just as the name of blog has shown. But why there are changes? I'm not talking about those changes due to natural causes, or something initiated by third parties. Rather, I'm talking about Changes that we want to carry out, something we are hoping for.

Such changes are usually happen when we recognize that there are problems. Those problems that we see could be no issue to the others. Like high gas prices would be a problem to drivers, but it is not an issue to environmentalists who want to develop alternative energies. So, after we define what the problem is (as a point A), then the next step is to see where point B is. Namely, what do we want to change to. Cos, point B is not necessary better than point A. So, we need to define what point B is carefully and make sure that is achievable. Otherwise, we are going nowhere. If point B is not realistic, then we may end up at point C that could be far worse than point A.

After we lay out what point A and point B are. Then, we need to draft how do we get from A to B. There could be more than one path, so there must be pros and cons for each that would need to be analyzed and weighed. Then, pick the best choice.

Sometimes, the problem that one person recognize could be shared by many others. It is a fact that no way all folks will agree on the selected path. Thus, for some large scale problem, what we can hope for is to pick the path that will benefit most people in number.

After all the illustrations above, I would like to suggest some wild (could be weird) solutions to some problems that I recognize. They are not in any particular order of importance, just some thoughts I wanna share...

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