Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Pope and condom

Pope Benedict XVI is visiting Africa. The most prominent news from his current visit is about his objection of using condom in AIDS prevention. As we all know AIDS is one of the top causes of death on that continent. Certainly, as the figure head of the Catholic Church, he has to defend the standpoint of the institution on the topic of sex. To my limited knowledge, from the Church’s point of view, sex between opposite sexes should only occur after marriage and for the purpose of breeding. That’s it. Anything that doesn’t fit that narrow purpose is forbidden, though as we all know human beings have sex for many reasons besides that. So, even the existence of condom, as a contraceptive instrument, is principally against the Catholic’s belief.

I think principle is one thing, but reality is usually the other. That’s one of the reasons why I’m not a fan of religious institution. People are dying, yes, you can teach them your belief which can prevent AIDS or other sexual diseases. However, meanwhile, is it too much to ask to adopt a ‘preventive and life-saving’ tool that can save innocent people before they ‘learn’ to behave? I don’t see the Church against the procession of guns or firearms which are also lethal. That’s just ridiculous and hypocrite from my point of view.

I just think that the reason why certain religions can exist and prosperous over time is because their principles are universal and can stand the test of time. One way for that is to be a bit ambiguous that provide room for interpretation in the change of time and places. Also, as a religion, for God sake, they should promote the high moral standards on the one hand, and try to protect lives on the other hands. Unless, they think that certain people deserve death, but who gives the institute the right to judge?

Therefore, I think people should look after themselves. If they believe in God, that’s fine, they pray, learn the beliefs from Holy texts and think. Then, do what you think is right for you and others. Don’t just follow to what the big guy has said, particularly not word for word. Cos, ultimately, it is all about your relationship with God, your love ones, not the institution.

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