Friday, March 6, 2009


There are many financial companies offering advice to working folks for retirement planning. If you don't wanna bother by those commission hogging experts. We can always DIY by picking up books or searching the net to find information to plan for retirement.

Unless we are civil workers who can still get funds from the government after being retired until death. Most folks are worried about how they gonna live during retirement. The usual concern is that we don't want ourselves outlive our money, not the other way around. Though some folks believe that the most success life is that you can spend your last dime on the day you die. However, unless we kill ourselves (well, most sane people won't), we don't know when we will die. So, most of us are just working on the other end - managing our money so we can afford to live when we don't have income anymore.

Do we really have ZERO income after we retire from our job? Well, if we have 'nice' kids, they may give you some pocket money. The government will still provide few cents as a nice gesture if it is not broke. However, the above two options are not very reliable or dependable. The best way is to taking care ourselves on our own if we can. We can invest in stocks and bonds to get dividends, interests, or simply profit. Or, conservatively, put in deposits or some capital-saving accounts, so we can have relatively reliable source of funds to live. Of course, nothing is really guaranteed. Like I saw the news few weeks back, a man in his nineties coming out of retirement from teaching profession to become a clerk in a local supermarket because he loss most of his retirement funds in the subprime crisis. Imagine that! living 30 years of retired life and has to get back to work again! Thank God that he got a job, but still, I don't think it is something that most of us wanna face.

I'm not an expert of such. However, one of my hope is that I can continue to work as long as I can. To be honest, I've never thought of early retirement even when the economy was good. Do I enjoy working? Well, it is a matter a relativity. I don't need a job to prove my value. I'm sure I can find enough things to occupy my time and my mind if I don't have a job. However, being working is not a bad thing. As long as the job with dignity, and I'm comfortable with. Sure, all kinds of emotion, up and downs are happening during the working hours. Cos, we can't guarantee that won't happen without a job. What really matter is that we can have a respectful life that we feel comfortable in. For others, may be retired in their 40s and go travel the world. For me, I wish I can do that, but I'm worry about having to come out of retirement and couldn't find a job when I need to. So, it is better to stay in the workforce if I can. I can always enjoy my life in after work hours and in the weekends.

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