Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What will you ask a spirit?

I had a dream last night about encountering a dead local celebrity. It was like a gathering of fans and the dead in a party or something, it was by no mean scary. As I was about ask question to that celebrity in close up encounter, I was woken by my alarm. The dream does linger a bit in my mind this morning and get me thinking...what questions I will ask in this encounter? Provided that, it is in a nice and calm environment. Come to think of it, I think I will ask the following:

1. What have happened since XXX (the act that caused his/her death, or discretely the date/time of his/her death)?
2. How did you feel during the time of 'passage'?
3. What have you done, where do you go and normally where do you stay since then?
4. Where are you planning to go, or where can you go ultimately?
5. What do you miss the most?
6. Would you do anything differently (if it is a suicide)?
7. How do you feel now?
8. Anything you want us know?

What will you ask if you have such opportunity?

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