Thursday, January 8, 2009


What is going on in the world lately? Of course I'm not talking about those celebrity gossip news. The biggest story, besides the ongoing financial tsunami episode X, it is the war in Gaza.

Well, I'm not in the position to tell who is right or wrong. Cos, for me, all I saw are destruction of propeties, loss of lives and suffering of the surviors. Their blood is red, like all of us. I understand that violence aggression is part of human nature, it makes us human and help us to survive. Yes, there is an ongoing shortage of resources, but with cooperation and love, things can be worked out to help each other. We are not put into a position that we have to kill another human being for our own survival. That makes me sick to see the civilian victims. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Violent conflicts between individuals are understandable. Cos, some of their acts are results of emotion, mental sickness, or impulse. However, when groups go into organized violent conflicts or war, that just stupid. If they read 'Art of War' CORRECTLY, to get something without going to war is always the preferrable way. War causes so much destructions that there are always implications, such as revenge, hatred, retailation as aftermaths. Cycle of violence can last for generations, are those really something we want? Do human beings ever learn? I don't think so. Cos, war is main theme of human history, peace is only oddity. I remember that I read an article long ago saying that out of recorded human history, only a small portion of time that there was no recorded war. So, I guess we humans just don't learn. That's why it is so common to wish for world peace as new year resolution. I guess as long as there are humans on earth, there won't be peace.

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