Friday, January 16, 2009

Corporate Life

I've working in few companies before. Different companies have quite different environment, culture and atmosphere, even though they are in the same industry. We are in a highly stressful industry, job is demanding, we have clients to deal with who are always demanding and difficult. As we can deal with them alone, cooperation among folks internally is a must, in order to satisfy client's requirements.

A lot of pressure is coming from working with internal folks. There are people above you, beside you and under you. Pressure and frustration are coming from all sides. Yes, there are barriers and filters to select the so-called 'right' people to join the firm. Hopefully, you can find someone who are capable to do the job. I think it is very important to do that, cos in my ex-companies, there are folks just not capable to do what they suppose to do. Well, they are exceptions, but just a small group of them would make a hell for many folks. It is sometimes not that easy to get rid of the incapable, especially when their bosses want to keep them around for some reasons that doesn't need to make to us.

For the 'normal' folks that are capable doing their jobs, a lot of times, it doesn't mean that they can also make you doing your job. The way they do their job, or do that better is to make other people's life more difficult. Also, there are folks that are 'X-men' (include women). They are so special, they have strange abilities that just weird in work place. Like they never give straight answers, never take person responsibilities, never do what they told you, never cooperate with anyone except their bosses, etc. I assume that they have 'normal' intelligence more or less 100, but they just have low EQ or just being difficult with others.

Cos, my industry is not facing robots or machines, there are people all around. We need to talk, ping, call, others. So much communications are going on everyday that, for anyone that is not trying to be helpful, it means hell!

Certainly, I've different levels or aspect of difficulties working in different companies. Nonetheless, such problem are just not going away. Cos, we are all people, we have our characters. There is no way everyone can match everyone else. So, I'm telling you, if you can work with a group of people that you find comfortable with. You won the lottery. Stay there! Yes, there are also other stuff like job security, prospect, promotion, rotation, restructuring, benefits, learning opportunities, pay policy, etc that are important. But, most of those things can be seen, whether you can get along with folks around you is not a given or policy. It can change along with change in personnel. So, just cherish what you have if folks are nice to you, and suck it up if they aren't, unless you can find a better place to go.


Joyce said...

Hello Joel -- That's really good advice. I think the financial crisis has made it harder for everyone at work. There are fewer resources, and everyone is tense.

I like your description of having people above, beside and below you -- like being crushed from your co-workers on all sides.

You're right about cherishing a job with good co-workers. Hong Kongers are often too "gun zheung" or tense about whether your company is big, salary, title, etc. But if everyone around you makes you miserable, is it worth it?

My colleagues are pretty good. My job is not perfect, but I will definitely stay there.

Happy New Year! Joyce

Joel said...

Thanks for your comment. Happy New year to you too, Joyce!