Monday, January 12, 2009

Pretty Women

While having lunch with my colleagues today, we were having a discussion about topics. One of them is about a common interest - Movies. Then, a topic about who are the prettiest actresses was brought up. As a movie buff in their eyes, I told them my choices. Certainly, there were discussion back and forth, and they suggested their selections. One of the funny things was that the only female colleague that thought that Julia Roberts is pretty. Others asked me what I thought, I said her mouth is too big. She has a great smile, but pretty?....nah. Then, other said what about Angelina Jolie? I said she has big lips, not big mouth! That's different. They seems to agree with my comment.

Then, I mentioned who are my choices, like Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Natalie Portman, Winonna Ryder, LeeLee Sobieski, etc. Certainly, some of them are not at their prime. I think except Sharon who they disagree a bit and Leelee who they really can't recall. I think they said my choices are generally pretty. Certainly, there are other names mentioned among us, like Catherine Zeta Jones, Scarlett Johanson, etc, and other suggestions that were 'shot down, like Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, etc. Well, I was a fun conversation and we all seems to enjoy it.

I think 'Pretty Women' is such a common topic that unless you can't see or you can't remember names, it is always a fun topic to chat about. Definitely it depends on how far you wanna go in your conversation, but it is topic that can be quite interesting and informative. I can say that I enjoy the conversation very much!

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Joyce said...

That's funny. My husband has a thing for Charlize Theron, but he can never remember or pronounce her name!
Personally, I like sweet-looking, classic actresses who are not too thin, like Gong Li and Kate Winslet. But, of course, I am a woman. So what do I know?