Sunday, January 4, 2009

First blog in 2009....just another blog....

I've been lazy updating my blog in the last 2 weeks or so. It's because I've been on vacation. Usually, I've more 'personal time' to update my blog during my work days. While in vacation, my time has been occupied by many other stuff, just couldn't find the time alone to update my blog as I did before. Anyway, I think things will get back to 'normal' from now on....

Well, new year has just begun. My thought is....SO? I don't see how Jan 1 is any different than let say....Jan 12? Maybe, the weather is a bit different, but we still have 24 hrs a day, the world still goes on, so do our lives. The poors are still poor, the riches are still rich for the most part. Arabs and Jews still fight, and the economic tsunami is still going on. I just don't see what is the big deal about a new year. I think people just need to find an excuse to do something together. To me, that's about it. What's up with those countdown? Fireworks? Oh! come on, if those are not excuses, I don't know what they are then.

Am I anti-social? am I a party-pooper? am I just trying to be different? Well, I don't think I care how other see me on this issue. As long as I don't hurt anyone and I think I'm entitle to what I think and I still respect what they think and do, so that's why I don't really care. Don't get me wrong that I'm upset or unhappy of new year. I'm not. My mind is calm and my thoughts are clear and steady. Just want to point out the hollowness of the 'new year' celebration 'gift-wrapper'. To me, if you are a Christian, Christmas is meaningful. If you believe in labor rights, May 1 is meaningful. If you are self-center, your birthday is important. If you need an excuse to 'start' something, Jan 1 would be the day for you. That's my point.

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LAURA said...

sometimes we really need an excuse to do something we don't usual do.

Because of 2009 and your article about new start, so I write you my first comment here.
Hmm..I think it is also an excuse..isn't it~