Friday, January 23, 2009

180 degree turn

Lately, I've been quite stressful on both end of my life: at work and home. On the one hand, I was quite busy at work with conference calls at night. On the other hand, my son has a fever and I'd a cold. So, I remember last night, I was checking some SWIFT messages requirements with a celebrity in my dream. As usual, my dream are very unreal, why would I talk to a celebrity? but the checking part was stressful.
Then, I was woken up by 'knocks knocks' of my bedroom door. My housemaid said that my son has a fever again. So, my wife and I got up and gave him medicine. After that, I went back to bed. I said to myself, how come my dream was so exhausting. Then, I fell in sleep again. After I woke up, I still remember bits and pieces of my second dream. I was in a party on a local island. Seeing some old friends from ex-company that bought his friends and family from Brazil. Also, I was dancing with some college friends, reading some comic books with visual special effects, and it was a really fun dream!
I wish I can command my dream at wish. Theoretically, if I can do that. It means that I can control 1/3 of my life....ha...just a fantasy!
Anyway, I really hope that the recent chaotic events will settle down soon, so my boring but stable life can resume!

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