Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My last blog mentioned about 'Prediction'. That makes me think about Prophecy. There are many famous prophets, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, etc. Certainly, everyone of them has their own predictions and the accuracy are subjected to interpretation. Cos, the bottomline is that you won't know if they are accurate until things happen. Anyway, in the last decades or so, there have been increasing interest in prophecy due to the approach of millennium. So, there were many doomsday scenarios, especially after WWII. Then, Hollywood were making tons of those movies, like Deep Impact, Armageddon, End of Days, etc. They have not stopped that, the latest one will be coming out soon - '2012'. It is about prediction by Mayan thousands years ago about the end of the world. As it was told that the Mayan calender will be ended on Dec 23, 2012. Certainly, Hollywood would not let go of such thing, that's why X-Files last episode is also about 2012. Another prophecy movie is 'Knowing', also about how a bunch of mathematical codes can predict future events. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that Prophecy is such an interesting topic for many of us, as many of us are 'helpless' humans that often look to God or else for advice on what is gonna happen, either good or bad.

Do we really want to know the future? I think that most impressive story about knowing the future is a old Chinese sci-fi fiction about a guy who has the ability to know what is gonna happen in future. To him, reading newspaper is a depressing act, cos everyday, the news are not new to him. The worst case is that he can't change the future, even his thought about changing the future is already known to him. He even knew how he is gonna die - in the operation room for brain surgery - the final act that he wanna his future-knowing ability to be taken away but fail.

So, the thing is a paradox: if future can be changed, then prophecy is not accurate. If future cannot be changed, then all surprise of good things will be taken away, but the bad things would depressive and more depressive if you know all the efforts that you make to change the bad things from happening would make the bad things even more difficult to accept.

I just think accept who we are, what we did, and just do what should and want to do. Let's see what will happen and that's it!

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