Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Latest news and thoughts

News - My friend just had his first baby boy last week. Welcome to the club.
Thought - I think as we all grow up, the choices that we had made will definitely affect us socially. I don't think I can find much common with folks who don't have kid for whatever reason. That makes most adults into 3 groups: married with children, married without childern, and single/divorced.

News - People massed on the street on July 1 to voice out their causes to the local government.
Thought - It has been the 6th year that happen. I think it will become a local tradition that will never go away. There are always folks who are not happy with the Government one way or the other. So, they will take to the street. July 1 will become the official protest day.

News - My baby boy has demonstrate some new acts that he didn't show before. Like dropping things on the floor while he is his swingchair. Then, he will try to bend down forward to pick it up.
Thought - He just gives my wife and I a bundle of joy. It is so happy to see him doing new things. Yes, I think that he is a bit slow in learning stuff, but at this moment, I'm not too much concern of that. Whether he is able to do things slower than other kids a month or two is fine with me. As long as he is healthy and he is finally to do that. I'm ok with that.

News - Doing mid-year review with my team.
Thought - A challenge of my management ability.

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