Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot Summer

I hate hot summer days. Yes, short pants, 'hot' pants, T-shirts are nice and comfortable. I just don't like the sweating and stickiness of it. It makes us smell. Yes, we can take shower and use deodorant, but many people don't. So, it stinks everywhere, even in air-con places. My god, that smell is just appalling. The summer here is long, and getting longer each year. The hot weather here is not just hot but also humid because of the air that trapped among buildings. They are like curtains, and people are trapped inside steaming! The hotter folks get, people in those buildings have to turn on air-con, that make the surrounding of the building even hotter. There's no way out! Also, another thing that I hate summer the most is 'mosquitoes'. Those low-life bloodsuckers. I don't know what purpose they serve in our ecological chain? Ok, they want blood, yes take it, but don't make us feel itchy! Damned! The swollen red and itchy feeling just sucks big time. Mosquitoes is my most hated insect, with flies and cockroaches round up the top 3. I don't mind to have short summer or long summer with such torturing weather and nuisance insects. I can quote the good part about summer, but they can't offset the bad part. Just can't wait till October and November.......

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