Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Survival Kits in the Wilderness

Last night when I was hopped into bed, I wasn't very sleepy. Usually, that's the time I use to think. Sometimes with something useful, like reflection of things that I did wrong and all that, sometimes, I just think about silly things....last night was one of such occasion. I was thinking....if I have to pack a survival kit for a lengthy stay in wilderness (not in snowy place or desert that extreme, perhaps in a forest or an island), what should I bring? I come up with the following list (not sure if some of those things really exist or not):
A hat - for my head
Sunglasses - to protect my eyes
A waterproof jacket with camouflaged color - to keep warm and stay dry
Long sleeves T shirt (2 cotton, one with material that is thin with good ventilation) - to keep warm and away from mosquito
Underwear - stay civilized!
Long pant (water proof) - Stay dry
Long jean - stay warm and stand some roughness
Short boots - to protect my feet, need to be durable
Socks - absorb shock and protect my feet from the rough boots
Gloves (construction use) - to handle rough things, like climbing or fire woods
Gloves (water proof) - don't know why I need it, but will be useful at times.
Surgery Gloves - protect from germs if I got cuts
A light backpack with light hard metal frame - need to carry things around
A waist bag - same as above
Military Knife (like the one used by Rambo: with compass, waterproof matches, threads and needles, fishing hooks and line, and it can be used as screwdrivers) - most important tool!
Swiss army knife - for backup
Sleeping bag - Gotta sleep somehow
Fordable Tent - Gotta sleep in dry and somewhat protected place
A small light metal pot with lid - Got to cook
A spoon and a fork - nice to have to dine
Magnifying Glass - in case all other fire starting tools are gone
Stones to set fire - Fire again
Small water seal containers containing cigarette lighters - fire again
A light torch that can be recharged by physical action, like shaking - need to see things at night
Surgery needles and threads - for emergency
A metal water bottle - for water reserve
Bandages - take care of cuts
Medicines that deal with bleeding, stomach ache, and diarrhea - no need to explain further
A mechanical watch - check time and date
A pen and some paper - maybe useful
A military survival guide printed on plastic rather than in paper - can't remember everything, need to be on durable medium
A small mirror - see my back if I got cut, or sending signals
A telescope - see things good or bad coming
A crossbow - for hunting
A small hammer and nails - may be useful somehow
A long rope made of plastic and metal with movable locks - for climbing or else
Vitamin pills - unless there are fruits
I think that should be enough........ha ha!

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