Saturday, July 19, 2008

Classical Music

I've a very broad taste in music. I would say, other than Drum&Bass, Peking Opera, Japanese Opera and Country Music. I listen to pretty much all kinds. However, I think there are certain types of music that would need 'effort' to appreciate. Classical music is one of them. Music has been composed throughout history, those that can still remain to be popular or recognize certain are the best of its kind in many ways. As the composition, structure, and interpretation of Classical music is so different from the 'modern music'. It takes time to 'learn' to appreciate.

One of my little 'regret' is that I don't have time to really get into the learning part of Classical music. Yes, there are so many popular names, popular tunes in the modern media - movies, TV series, or commercials that Classical music has been living among us all the time. However, in order to know how to appreciate it, I think it should require some readings of the history of the Classical music. Namely, knowing who is who, who composed what, who affected whom, etc. Also, I think being a beginner of Classical music learner is like learning wine-tasting. It takes time and effort to learn 'slowly'. I'm interested in how those classical musics are composed. How to they broken down into pieces and how they links together. Which instruments play what roles. Also, the interesting part will be learning how to compare and appreciate the different 'interpretation' of the same piece of music, then we will know how one is more 'advanced' than the others. Besides all the technical things, certain Classical music is piece of art. It shows human feeling. How does the composer transfer its emotion into the music and how the musicians put his/her grain of salts in it is not easy to tell the difference unless you know more the background of the music itself. Those knowledge can help a person to learn how to 'feel' the music in a more profound way.

After expressing what I think of Classical music, someone may think that I know something....actually I think I'm saying how I think, but not what I know. I wish I know, just don't have the time to put my belief into practice. Don't know what I said really make sense to those who really 'know' Classical music. Hopefully, they won't think that I'm just bullshitting! Ha ha!....

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