Friday, June 27, 2008


As I don't have the patience to write in Chinese, that's why it is sometimes hard for me to talk about some of my views on Chinese stuff, like Chinese movies, music, books, etc. However, there is a Chinese band that has an English name that I love dearly since I first listen their music. The band's name is 'Beyond'. The soul of Beyond - 家駒 died in 1993 at the peak of their popularity. It has been 15 years since his departure. His music never get old to my ears.

Recently, his brother 家強 released a new CD of demo from his vault of 家駒's incompleted songs and the refurnished version with lyrics and full production. Even though there are only 5 songs. I can hear that his new (old) songs are still full of live. If I don't talk about this latest release. Just Beyond's songs that I have in my possession (I think I own maybe 80-90% of songs that they ever release). They are good enough for me to enjoy for the rest of my life.

Though I fully respect Beyond in the post-家駒 era, 3 guys had stood on their own for 7 more years before they separate. They did have some very good materials released during their time together. However, the time that I still miss the most is when 家駒 was still alive. Cos, he is the 'soul' of the band. When he was alive, 80%+ of their songs were written by him, such a remarkable source of music creation. Actually, the more I know about 家駒, particularly after his death, the more I could appreciate the songs that he wrote. I would compare him to John Lennon. A modern poet with such as unique view in music, live and our world in such a narrow-viewed, money-minded local showbiz environment. His music is like a spring pouring fresh water on surrounding mud.

I don't have idol, there are many musicians that I like very much, both in local music scene or foreign. However, I don't think there is a local band/musician's music affect me more than Beyond/家駒. They wrote ALL their music in their 20 years together, no other bands/singers have done that in local scene with such an accomplishment. Their songs did have something to say, they have messages, wide range of them, not just about love among lovers, but love to parents, to children, anti-war, equality, youth anger, social injustice, Nelson Mandella, separation, criticism of China, homeless people, etc. The more I listen to 家駒's music, the more I think about what if he is still alive, how much more good music will he be able to release. So much 'what if'.....

Among all the great dead musicians/artists, 家駒 is definitely the one that I wish he could live the most. Died at an age of only 31, he is definitely another example of the so-called 'The Great always die young'. He is forever young in most of his fans' heart and his music does able to stand the test of time. His songs are always on my iPod's active playlist. It has been that way since I got my iPod, and it will continue to be that way on and on.........

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