Friday, July 25, 2008

Elevator Dreams

In the past few months, there has been at least 3 times that I can recall that I dream about myself in an elevator. Certainly, there could be more as there is a theory that we have multiple dreams every night, we can only remember some of it. Nonetheless, it is certain that those dreams left an great impression in my mind that I remember them.

Those elevator dreams that had, they are not the same. I was in different type of buildings, I can't recall what the buildings look like, but the elevators are certainly different. Some of them are quite modern like those in commercial high rises. The others were a bit 'dated', like the resident/industrial like. The size of them were not small, 5 by 6 foot at least. In those dreams, some times, I rode the elevator by myself, but most of the time, they were people in and out of the elevator (naturally! so doors did open and people walked in and out). I don't remember if I know those other folks. However, the common thing about those elevators are that they were not very well-lighted. Not totally dark, but it was not very bright inside. In fact, there are many elevators were like that, especially those in commercial buildings. Well, that's about all the physical things that I can remember, let's talk about my feeling.

The reason why I remember those dreams vividly is because how I felt in those dreams. The elevator trips were by no mean 'scary'. There were no ghost or horror things in or out. No desire to jump anywhere. No lockout inside. No free fall. No murder, etc. However, the main feeling that I had in those elevator dreams were that I was very frustrated and confused. It seems like in those dreams I was trying to get to somewhere, but I just couldn't reach my destination. Like I pressed the button to a floor, but the elevator never stopped there. The door opened for others to come in and out, just that it didn't stop for me. It goes up and down, even if I went to the lobby and tried to take another one, same result. Or, I took the wrong elevator, like I was in a elevator that can only reach 25/F, but I actually wanted to go to 70/F. Something like that. Just going places that not that I wanted go.

I'm sure there are dream readings that could explain this and that. Maybe, it shows some hidden subconscious feeling things that I had. Could be, could be not. I'm not too motivate to seek out those meanings, cos that is just someone else trying to interpret something logically and make sense of something that hysteric. However, since most of my dreams were not making sense or realistic. Regardless what they say, I would simply say 'nice theories, thanks!'. That's all.

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