Friday, May 2, 2008

New CDs

Who will buy CDs these days? I used to buy 50+ new/used CDs every year in my college days. But now, I don't do that anymore. Cos, (1) I got other priorities, just don't have the time to dig out new and exciting stuffs to entertain my ears like I used to do. (2) Rather spend money on other more important things. (3) Generally speaking, new music are not much better than old stuff. It is hard to get excited on those so called 'new' stuffs from an old folk like myself who has listened to different types of music for decades, let alone that I need to pay for it (4) Download!!! what else? ^_^ Nonetheless, I still love to listen to music, but there are so much free stuff out there, why bother going to a store to pay for the physical stuff. I only listen to my iPod these days anyway.
Still....there are exceptions every now and then....and lately that happens. I bought 6 new CDs in the last month or so. There are Portishead – Third, Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree, Sarah Brightman – Symphony, Moby – Last Night, Morcheeba – Dive Deep, and Katherine Jenkin - Rejoice. To be honest, they are all loaded in my iPod now. I don't think I will listen to the CD itself often. However, iTune doesn't operate here yet. Also, I was not known to any downloads for them before I really wanted to have them. So, I went to get them from HMV. Nevertheless, these are musicians that I really like (there are others as well). I don't feel bad about these purchases. I own their CDs before, except Katherine Jenkin. So, I know what to expect from them. I've not got time to listen to them all yet. Just piece here and there when I've time such as on transportation. So far, none of them has been found to be disappointing and I think that they are all recommendable depending on your tastes. Anyway, I like them all......

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