Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Happened on May 12, at Sichuan, China. It was reported that even Hong Kong could felt the quake. I was in Hong Kong Park with my wife and my son during that time. Well, nothing was felt.

Back home, watched TV and surfed the net to find out more about the quake. So far, more than 12,000 people are dead and thousands more are missing. It is so sad to hear that schools that full of teachers and students were collapsed. Closed to 1,000 are buried alive in ashes. Natural disasters are 'natural' and most of the time are unpredictable. Hopefully, anything that human can do to help will happen in the aftermath. Let's pray for the dead that I wished they died in minimal pain and those who survive can recover asap. It is very hard to handle losses, let alone losses in such scale.

I hope China will still host the Olympic with success in August, but I would really hope they can observe a minute of silence to commemorate the victims during the opening ceremony in spite of the all the glizes and fleshes. That's what a 'humane' nation/government is expected to do.

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