Friday, May 23, 2008

Devil's Advocate

When tragedy hits, one of its aftermath is making people thinking about their life. So questions like these will come up:
What is the value of a life?
What is the value of my life?
What is the value of livelihood?
What keeps my life valuable?
What can make my life more valuable?
What is important in my life? So far? for the future?
What become not important anymore in my life?
What do I have? How to keep them?
What sort of life I’m living in?
What sort of changes do I want?
How am I going to achieve what I really want?

You can write a book to answer each of them. Their answers could be life-changing for the author and change the lives of others.

With all those stories flooded in the media lately. I think I like to play the role of devil’s advocate: don’t think about any of those life-scale questions at this moment. Just get my routine job done, get to twit a bit here and there. Cite an analogy that I’m not thinking about getting a new car, but simply scheduling an oil change this week, doing a car wash next week, or put a new bumper sticker tonight. Things like that. It is because I think my car is a good.

Just a thought…..

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