Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PC replacement thought

Lately, I’ve been thinking about buying a new PC. Well, my existing Dell PC was bought in 2004. It is still running largely trouble free. I didn’t really do any upgrade to it except adding an extra 320GB hard disk and an extra 256MB RAM to it in 2007 I believe. However, as it is really getting a bit old and I think it would be nice to get a replacement. I’ve not made up my mind yet. Cos, looking at the whole tech inventory at home, beside the Dell PC, we have a Fujitsu Laptop that was 4 years old which was used by my wife before we got married and it has not been used since God know when (it is a completely waste as it cost a fortune – almost 2 grand USD when it was bought), also we have a first generation ASUS netbook which has merely 12GB of hard disk (laughable right now considering most netbook out there has 10 times if not more of capacity). We still use the netbook once in a while, mostly for web-browsing and slight document editing. Whether to get rid of these 2 pieces of gear is also on my mind. About other gears, I don’t wanna even mention the ipods and iphones which are in different category.

Getting a new PC is neither a must nor urgent, that’s why I’m still thinking. Actually, there are few options that I’m pondering.
1. Get a new PC either from Dell or HP.
2. Get a Mac.
3. Wait for the iTablet (iSlate) from Apple, then decide….

Laptop is portable, but it doesn’t have large storage space unless I hook up with external hard drive. Also, I don’t wanna waste my current 20” LCD monitor for a smaller screen. Yes, dual screen is possible, but it costs more to get a laptop than a desktop PC with equivalent specifications anyway. So, neither laptop or those so-called desktop replacement laptop are not being considered.

A Mac is attractive but it is way too expensive in the first place, it will be more expensive to make my wife happy using it as I would need Bootcamp with Window to be installed for her convenience if I buy a Mac. But, man! Owning a Mac is just temptative!

Apple’s rumor tablet would be more intriguing. However, as a frugal practical guy, I am usually not a trail brazer or pioneer to new product and would let it to refine a bit before really getting into it if I’ll ever be. That’s why I’m actually thinking about buying a new PC after Win7 SR1 is released. Also, this new Apple product may be more for entertainment. Rumoring it to be come with iPhone OS rather than MacOS, that may make it even less attractive to match our needs. Surely, I’m still very interested in this product itself.

Considering the current usage of our PC, we mostly use it for web-browsing, office tasks, and a bit of simple media works on photos and music. We need large storage and fast access as well. We don’t use it to watch TV, playing games or watching movie. Therefore, it actually doesn’t require killer specification. However, I would still like to get a better one. Cos, once there is capability there, it will give me reason to explore widen usage to it.

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