Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Facial Expression and Emotion

I've just done reading Malcolm Gladwell's 'Blink'. It is a very good book. To me, it is a continuation of reading of his last book 'Tipping Point'. I enjoy Blink as well. There are many good things about the content of this book, but one thing that stick on my mind upon reading it is about the relationship between facial expression and emotion. I've always thought that the relationship of those two is one way. Namely, when I'm happy, I will smile. However, what this book strikes me upon reading it is that according to a research described in the book, it actually go both ways. So, if I want to be happy when I'm not, I can try to make myself smile, and it would work! I will try to prove that myself to see if it works on me as well next time when I'm a bit down. It is better to cheer myself up than asking external help.

Come to think of it, it could be true! Cos, when we go to department stores, we usually can see some salesgirls who would say something nice with a happy voice to us regardless. I don't pay much attention to them or look at them much, but simply give a nod. Next time, I may look at them when they speak, to see if they are really happy and glad to see us. I'm not an expert of telling if something is lying or not. However, according to the book, if we are trained, or really look, we can tell a lot about a person's emotional stage based on their facial expression which is supposed to be very complex with hundreds of different varieties.

I enjoy my recent surge of reading mood very much and realize once again that reading a book is different from reading articles, as I would be more engaged in reading a book, and to have a better feel of what the author is trying to say. Articles are just too short to convey any of that. I will keep reading as long as the mood is here. Hopefully, it is here to stay. Cos, reading about 10-15 pages a day takes weeks to finish a book. Therefore, I do need to have patience and need to pick the right books. I'm about to start Malcolm Gladwell's 'Outliers', which suppose to be even least it is according to an earlier interview transcript of Bill Clinton that I read on the net last week. Let's see what I learn or find interesting and may share here next time.

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