Monday, December 14, 2009

A day in your future

I had lunch with an old friend the other day to catch up what’s going on in our lives respectively and the people that we both know. Just something that I like to do every now and then, I learned that one of our friends is going through a lengthy therapy on a serious sickness. I hope he will recover soon. Related to that, we talked about similar incidents that we learned before in our lives about people had serious sickness and what had happened to them. One thing led to another, one interesting thing that my friend asked me....was that:
“Have you ever thought about one particular day in your life that you had wanted to see when you were young?”
I said “no”.
I’ve never thought of such scenario. He said that when he was young, he would want to see his wedding day. Well, such an answer coming out from a guy’s mouth was bit unexpected. However, after he told me the reasons, I thought that kinda make sense. He said that if he could see how his wedding day would lay out, He could tell how well off himself financially would be, based on how big the wedding would be. Also, he could tell if he still had a lot of friends based on the attendance. He could tell who would be his wife, whether she is good looking or not. Well, he is fine in that area. So, just based on that day, he could tell a lot about his future.

Then, he continued to say that right now, at this stage of his life, what date that he would like to see in future. His current choice would be the day after his death. He said that he could then tell where he will be, whether the heaven that he always believes does exist or not.

I had never thought about this scenario in spite of my active imagination before and current. Actually, come to think of it, I think any day in future, I mean like 10 years from now or longer would be good enough to know. No particular event would be necessary, cos, any bit of future would be fascinated enough. Just imagine the ‘me’ 10 or 20 years ago could see my current life. That would be shocking and I just couldn’t imagine what kind of impact and changes would that make to my ‘younger me’ if he could see the 'current me'. Certainly, it also depends on which part and how long of the 'current me' is shown to my 'younger me'. Forget about those greedy stuff like I show the stock prices or lottery results to my younger me, just let him know that I’m married to whom and I had a son, and working in what company, living in what kind of place, etc. Just typical everyday stuff could be enough to make my younger me lost sleep for weeks!...for either how good or bad that he would perceive the current me is!

I guess same thing would be happening to me if I know the ‘future me’ in 10 or 20 years. I would be equally shocked by what I will see. Provided that I would still live in 10 or 20 years, cos we are at the mercy of destiny. We just better cherish what we have, enjoy it, try to make the best of it and thankful for what we have. Cos, we are not entitled to anything! Many things that we take for granted can be gone unexpectedly. It is not being pessimistic, but realistic. I think if I’ve not seen enough, certainly know enough about that based on what have been happening in the world everyday.

Not sure if what I’ve just said will provoke your thought or not, anyway….

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