Friday, December 4, 2009

My thoughts on 2 recent news stories on Obama and Tiger

Obama authorized additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan
He also said that he plans to start pulling out troops from there in 2 years. Well, wars can make or break a presidency. I think that his latest move is a pick of less evil among all bad choices that are available to him on the table. Yes, the U.S. president is officially the most powerful person in the country. However, he is not a dictator and many interest groups are pulling strings behind to make him do and not do things that are best for the mass. Based on all the current circumstances on this issue, I don’t think there is much he can do. It is easy to start the fire (i.e.Bush), when something has been burnt for 8-9 years, damages have been done. As there is a saying that “you break it, you fix it!”, the ‘you’ in this case is the U.S., and unfortunately Obama was put in this position because of the mess created by previous administration. He just has to suck it up and may even take the blame partially for failure. Now, I boldly predict that he won’t be re-elected in 2012 because of his war policies.

Tiger Wood’s extra-marital affair
Well, in not too far future, he will be confirmed as the greatest golf player in history. Whatever happened in his private life is not gonna change that. He has a ‘wonderful media-created” image, but he is also a young and very rich man. He is kinda dumb to be involved in such affairs when he has a good family with mom, wife and kids. Women with money and fame in mind had flocked and will continue to do so to approach him for selfish reasons. I think he should resist those temptations and I suspect that he failed to do so is because he is being the ‘man’ of his own empire. Nobody else in his empire dare to question or challenge his decisions for the sake of keeping their own self-interest. He doesn’t have a mentor to cross check his judgments or remind him on things that only people who really love him and dare to say. He used to have one, that’s his dad. Since his dad passed away few years back, and with Tiger’s career continues to soar, there is just no such ‘life-reflecting mirror’ person in his life to remind him to be good and stay on course. Similarly, it happened to Mike Air Jordan before after Mike’s dad was killed. Tiger just somehow fall into the similar trap. I wouldn’t doubt that his mom or wife can somehow serve his dad’s role. Certainly, they can’t replace him. I’m not defending on his poor judgment, just that I think a powerful, rich, and young man particularly the one with big ego does need some personal psychological support and guidance. Otherwise, he would be more prone to fall for traps due to his own success.

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