Thursday, December 31, 2009

My thoughts about New Year

Not much is going on today. Still going to work, and just taking things easy. Being a person who is not 'date'-sensitive, New Year eve to me is just another day. I don't know why or recall when I started thinking this way. I just don't see how today is different than tomorrow or yesterday. Many people will use today to think about what have happened this year and make some wishes for the next, etc. Yes, we should cherish the time that we have, the things that we possess, and work hard for the future. This thought can be applied EVERYDAY. So, what make New Year eve SO special?

Being in the minority for having this kind of thought would usually deemed by the majority as being weird. I do believe that there are many out there think the same way as I am. Some of them think this way because they are living under heavy 'burden' which suppress their mood for celebration, like those in service industry that still have to work today throughout the evening, and may even working tomorrow. For them, they work hard for minimum wages and can't see what to celebrate for. Fortunately, I'm not like that, I’m just different…. My wife doesn’t share my view on New Year; probably my son won't be in few years neither. Being a family man, I will try to arrange something for them, just to make them happy which will make me happy. However, I just personally don't think I need any EXCUSE to feel one way or the other depending on the numbers on the calendar!

Come to think of the big ‘fuss’ of New Year, I guess, as a society, most people are working very hard, they may need some occasions to relax or looking forwards to. For business, occasions or festivities mean money. Philosophically speaking, on the life path of individual, besides birth and death, live continues. Having artificial breaks of some sorts would help people to take perspective of what they have done and to plan for the future. Usually, those kinds of breaks or 'brakes' are graduations, marriage(s)/divorce(s), births/deaths of love ones, residence changes, etc. On a macro level, infrequent breaks would come in the form of natural disasters, civil uprising (or celebration), and change of leadership. However, those occasions could be too much or shocking for many people. Meanwhile, we do have other forms of breaks, like festivals, i.e. Christmas, National Day, or other religious holidays, etc, or seasonal changes recorded in lunar calendar which were used by our ancestors living by agriculture. So, there are actually many such ‘breaks’ for different people to celebrate for. Come to think of this, I can see the value of New Year being celebrated because of neutrality comparing with most other festivities, and this inclusiveness make it worldly accepted all across.

Anyway, I can say that I think I can rationalize the celebration of New Year, but I guess I just don't feel as strong about this as most people. Lastly, just playing a devil’s advocate against what I’ve just babbling about…….Happy New Year everyone!

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中產管數男 said...

I totally agree your point of view and enjoy reading your feeling. I can tell that you are not the minority as the friends of mine also share the same feeling. But, you know, as a responsible man, sometimes we stil have to deliver happiness to our family and friends. Anyway, nice to read your msg and wish you a happy new year. Cheers!!!