Thursday, November 19, 2009

Storage space at home

As my kid is getting older, he just has more clothes than before. In addition to the other baby related stuff, the old chest of drawers is just not big enough. A new one with the same size with a closet at the top was delivered to my home last night. Our whole family was busy cleaning and packing stuff till mid-night. There are still things remaining to be done this evening when I get home....

The point that I wanna make is that it is just a big issue to me about getting space for storage at home. I think I'm living a frugal life, at least since I got married. I don't go crazy about shopping. My wife shops more of course, as most women do. However, she is no more than average I would think. Yes, she sometimes bought stuff that she doesn't need, which is also done by many women. The problem is that, particularly for me, I don't easily let go of old stuff for both sentimental and practical reasons. So, when the olds don't go, the news keep coming in (though slowly), it is just tough to get storage space!?

My interior designs demonstrate how to hide storage spaces, it doesn't work for me too much. First of all, I don't own my place, so there is no point to spend lots of money on various kinds of customization. Secondly, most 'so-called' designs are simply creating 'illusion' by using mirrors to make the 'remaining' space look bigger. I don't buy that self-deception.

So, I just need to struggle harder to make myself throw away old stuffs. To be honest, because of the limited space I have, my shopping mood has been largely suppressed. Well, yes it saves me money, it makes me think twice about whether I need to buy something. However, it also got me stick with some old clothes or old gadgets. The biggest thing is actually not the clothes, but my old CD/DVD collections, and books. Those are the 'space-killers'!

Back in the 'pre-MP3'days, I bought CDs like crazy, on top of that also come with movies. So, in terms of entertainment items in disc format, I've over a thousands easily. Yes, I can throw away the case and paper package. But that would create an 'incomplete' feeling to the items that I once own. Or, I can rip them on my harddisk. Yes, I'm doing that for my CDs, but that doesn't make me throw away the CD at all, but just for my convenience to access them on my iPhone. Therefore, I'm stuff with those discs. Man, they are heavy and bulky! As for books, I don't own a lot of them, not as much as some bookworms or as I would like to own. However, they also take up a lot of space. The worse case is that I have little to no time to really enjoy neither of them. I thought about renting some mini-storage place to store them, but that's not economical. So, I'm stuck!

People do say something that I buy very much is that...if there is something in your home that you haven't use for 2-3 years, most likely you can get rid of them. Well, that's true to some extents. However, that doesn't count the sentimental value of things and environmental disposal arrangement for those things. Also, sometimes I just can't let go on own certain things that I know I spent hard-earned money to trade them in. Just can't let them go easily....huh.....

Well, what I say? Extra living space is precious and expensive. I just have to live within my means and see if I can cut corners here and there every now and then. That's it!


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