Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once upon a time in Texas

I named this blog as ‘Once upon a time in Texas’ for two unrelated topics which have only thing in common is ‘Texas’.

1. I watched the last episode of ‘Heroes’ few days ago. As a long time fan of the show, it seems like the quality of the show is going up and down and up and down again lately. Usually, I don’t really challenge the story too much, cos trying to enjoy the show rather than criticize it is the reason why I follow the show. However, that last episode titled ‘Once upon a time in Texas’ really get me cranky about one of my favorite character – Hiro. The story saying that he will kowtow Samuel (the bad guy) because Samuel has trapped Hiro’s lover – Charlie back in time. Samuel is the only one knows where she is and he will make Hiro to use his power to serve Samuel’s agenda. Oh, common! Hiro’s power is to stop time and doing time travel. He can simply going back to the minute before Charlie was kidnapped and save her. That’s it! So damn easy, why would Hiro couldn’t figure out to do that? It is just stupid on the writer side….ah…..

2. As we all know, the latest mass shooting took place in Fort Hood, Texas, but a guy with name of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who is an Army psychiatrist. Of course, massacre is always bad, I’m sorry for the lost of lives and the suffering of the livings who are closed to them. However, what get me thinking about this case is that this case is actually quite different.

Unlike many other pervious mass shooting massacre in the States, the ‘suspect’ or I would say those guys who went ‘nut’, are usually fit the image of being a loner, a loser, a geek that had been picked on by jocks at school or treated as a freak by others, a disgruntled employee who was fired by his boss, etc. However, the suspect in this case is a person doesn’t seem to fit any of the above. What is his motive? Is it because of religion? Or somehow he just snap? Of course, for many significant events, there is always a cocktail of causes. Since, I’m still reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point’, I’m just wondering what is the tipping point in this case. I’m neither an expert or have time to investigate, just being curious of what would the upcoming investigation results will be.

Another different thing about this case is that the suspect is still alive. So, the motive won’t be figured out by circumstantial evidences and testimony from those so-called experts. Cos, this suspect is a psychiatrist himself, that makes this case more interesting than the others. I don’t think he can go ‘Hannibal’ again like Dr. Lecter in the ‘Silence of the Lamb’ series. Also, this suspect is a mass murder, not a serial killer. Their psychiatric states are different. I think more updates will be reported in news in coming days and weeks.

However, if the findings from the suspect is really closely related to his religion, then it will be a very sensitive political case for the President and the military to deal with. Even without any evidence at the moment, simply based on the superficial evidence that the guy was shouting religious related sound bite while he was firing at people. That has already generate a wave of condemn from the Left and Right to elevate this from a crime into political strategy of some sorts. Anyway, I would continue to watch out the development of this case to ‘feed’ my curiosity.

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