Monday, November 9, 2009

My son's self-confidence

My last weekend was quite busy at the home front. My wife and I brought our son to have interviews in few kindergartens on Saturday. We dressed him up nicely and we do dressed ourselves as if we went to work. However, things didn't go so well in most of them. My son just didn't respond to the interviewer's questions. He didn't look at them, let alone smiling and thanking them for little tokens that he received. He just behaved poorly. That really got me upset and I was mad at him for few hours that day for the first time. I actually didn't mad for that long, but I gotta let him know that I was upset. So, I pretended for longer than I should....anyway....
Yes, he is still a toddler, what can you expect from him? I'm not blaming him more than blaming myself as a parent. I think he is a fine young boy that if he would have behaved well, he should be able to get into any kindergarten that we want. I read some articles about what kid of his age should be able to learn. He actually did pretty well on that, I would say he is above average. However, his manner, temper are just sub par. We wished we had brought him up better, but there was a lot we can do. He is fine with people that he knows. He talked a lot and even in complete sentences. When it comes to strangers, even for those that he saw almost everyday, he just didn't behave well. I think it has something to do with his self-confidence. He is being too shy and we did spoil him a bit for his bad temper. That's just not right.
With the lessons learned, my wife and I just gotta find ways to improve him on that front. We just need to get him enroll in classes of some sort to get him exposed to strangers and others. I think we should have better idea after coming weekend to meet with his nursery teacher. Let's see what she will say and what we will do.

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