Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My wife and I went to see 2012 yesterday. Well, she didn’t enjoy it much and thought that ‘Days after tomorrow’ was actually better than this one. Well, they are made by the same director with similar theme. I don't blame her...Anyway, disaster movie has always been one of my favorites, and I love to see them on big screen. Cos, only big screen with great sound would do justice to those smashing top notch FX. Well, I do enjoy this movie and don’t find it to be much disappointing. The following is my 2 cents on this movie.

FX - this movies delivers on those effects. The only bad thing is that most of the destructions were already shown on the trailer. So, the submerging of California, the aircraft carrier USS JFK crashed the White house, the few seconds in Brazil, in Italy, the Yellowstone National Park, the temple in Tibet etc. They are all seen. Though, there are more in the end, in terms of overwhelming and refreshing, I wish they showed less in the trailer.

Story – Well, the story is kinda predictable, cos we are not fighter monster or aliens. With such scale of global climate change, the only issue is human survival. You kinda know who is gonna live and die after a while. I’m not complaining the story, it fits the formula of many pass movies. Formula becomes formula because they work before. This time, it still works, not great, but still decent. The best part is that the movie though is almost 2.5 hours long, it is not boring at all. Actually, I like the first half a bit better. Overall, the flow of the whole movie is fine. The ending is typical.

Acting – Everybody does a decent job. John Cusack is still John Cusack. Woody Harrelson remains playing the role that he supposes to play. The kids are not special or even adorable. The bad guys are still very one dimensional. I don’t ask for much, so I don’t complain what they have delivered. I would say nobody is really outstanding, they are just doing their job by playing a small role. Cos, it is not really a dramatic movie.

So, all I can say is that this movie is decent, worth seeing on big screen and it is a keeper for me.