Thursday, May 7, 2009

An extraordinary story (1)

Just want share a story with all of you...

A man, let’s called him Bob, is about to retired from his career as a police detective. In one sunny afternoon, he was driving on the freeway along the California seacoast. There were not many cars on the road at that time. Suddenly, he saw a car began to slow down and drifting from the fast lane to the slow lanes. Somehow, it stopped on the emergency side road of the highway. He saw the whole thing from far a way. Out of his curiosity, perhaps as a result of his lifelong build-up in his career, he decided to pull over his car and check out that car to find out what’s going on.

When he was about to approach the driver side of that car, he saw a young lady dosing her head on the string ring while the engine of the car was still on. He repeatedly knocked the window but failed to get her attention. As a result, out of a hunch, he smashed the window and opened the door. He found that the lady was not breathing and basically she was dead. Certainly, he called up his colleague to report this incident and do the normal follow up. Did she die of heart attack or stroke? Later on, a doctor found that there was a small bullet hole behind her left ear that was not very visible as there was not much blood coming out and that was kind of hidden by her long hair.

The news of discovery of that bullet got to Bob and he was shocked by it. Since he was about to retire, his boss was not going to assign a ‘shooting’ case to him. The more Bob had thought about the whole incident, the more he got himself into the detective mold to resolve this case. He begged his boss to assign the case to him and his boss finally fulfill his wish. Bob went to the garage where the lady’s car was held. The car was an old white European car, nothing special to it. The most striking thing is that he couldn’t find any bullet hole, as he should see that, being the witness of the incident and first on site person at the scene. The windows were all closed, except the one ‘behind’ the driver seat, it was barely open with three to four inches gap. Bob was thinking…is that it? Someone could aim to take a shot to go through a gap of a backseat window of a moving vehicle and kill that person! If it was really the case, he/she must be the best striker or assassin in the world!

As a normal procedure, he did a thorough background check of the victim. She was just an ordinary person. A 36 years old, single white female, worked as a clerk for a small trading company. She had no boyfriend, no pet, no loan, no drug addiction, just a person living a simple life. Bob couldn’t sense any cause that she would make her a target of murder.

Then, Bob drove back to the site where the incident happened. As it was happened on the road, so it took a while for him gauge where would she get shot. As he parked his car along the sideway of the fast lane, he took a deep breath while take a detail look of the surrounding. On the right side of the highway was hill that way up with trees and bushes, no one was going to hide there. Based on the angle of the shot, the shooter would not be there as well. On the left hand side of the highway, it was off the cliff. You can only see there was a small bayside community miles away, and the rest was just blue, the ocean!

Bob went to a local library of the bayside community and made a copy of the local map. While standing outside the library, he held the map and tried to match which little white rectangle to which boathouse. He had a hunch to just put his figure on one of them and decided to start his investigation from there.

He knocked the door of boathouse that he chose randomly. A man of about 50 years old answered and opened the door for him with a big smile. Bob introduced who he was but did not say much about the case. He then ask if the guy know anyone has XXX which is the brand and model number of an old rifle. That’s based on the bullet from the victim that he researched on what rifle would use such bullet. The man replied that I got one in the garage, but had not been used for many years. He used to take it to go hunting with friends back twenty years or so ago. But it should be in good condition, because he fired it once weeks ago to see if it still worked and it did. Then, he put that back in the garage again. Bob’s eyes were wide opened and ask: “where did you take the shot?” The man said that he just fire it up in the air toward that side, as he pointed his finger to the cliff where the freeway was metres above. Bob said: “how come you didn’t shoot to the open sea on the other side?”. The man just said there were some boats in that area, so he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Bob borrowed his rifle and took that to get examined. It matched his prediction that it was the one that fire that single bullet that kill the woman on the highway…

The court later rule that this case is a pure accident. Testimonies from medical and a fire-arm experts suggested that the bullet had flied in the air for so long that it actually didn’t have much power left when it reached the car. If the car window was closed, it would probably not enough to penetrate the window. But,…as we knew how that had ended up.

This is a real life extraordinary incident that I learned almost ten years ago.

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