Thursday, May 14, 2009

Latest Personal Happenings - May 09

1. Just recovered from a flu, not swine, thank you very much! I took 2 afternoon off from works to sleep at home. Finally, feeling better. Nothing is more important than being healthy.

2. My son is getting very talkative. He is at the stage of repeating the last few words that he hears. So, he is very cute of doing that now. He is still not good in walking up or down stairs. Also, he is still learning to use toilet. Funny thing is that he loves to eat vegetables and tofu lately.

3. Work is busy, but still manageable. Just not doing the best that I can. My current company is just different from others. People here don't chit chat. They work and work, talk about work, then go home. It is not a fun place to work. But here, it may be too much to ask these days!

4. I saw Pet Shop Boys in my dream last night, after a concert, I saw those two guys going to Australia and New Zealand separately. Also, I saw my coworker in my dream as well, just trying to solve some complex work problem on email, a very tiring dream.

5. Crossing my fingers for June 8, new iPhone will be released. I'm gonna get it, finally....

6. Went to same restaurant for Mother's day lunch with my family and dinner for my wife's family. Kinda sick of those greasy food. That's why I went for sandwiches and veggie these few days for lunch. Learn that my younger sis is going to U.K. in few days, to see her favorite team - the Manchester United in play. Good for her!

Not much else, my life is just boring, but I don't really complain, cos I may not like or be able to handle the otherwise. Sometimes, simple life is the best...

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