Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I changed my wallpaper to the above today. Well, I got this pic from Google image. Come to think of it, what kind of wallpaper a person is using could somehow tell what kind of person he/she that point. Cos, wallpaper can change and many people do have different taste at different time. But, I do think that wallpaper is good subconscious way to tell what a person is thinking

Of course, I'm no expert in psychology nor art, but the above picture does tell a story.

There are many wallpaper I can choose. I don't pick showbiz idols, musicians, or altheltes, but I think I've kinda passed the stage of idolize anyone, at least not that types of people.

I could post a hot chick, but it is not appropriate for work, also it is kinda distraction and invite unwanted questions from others. The key is that I'm married, I just don't look at other women the way I used to look at them before.

I don't post cartoon, anime figures, sport cars, fighter jets, etc. They are just not my types of hobbies anymore. I do like some of them, but not something I wanna see 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

People thinks that I should post my family or my son's pic. Well, it is natural for parents to do that. is just not me. I do think about my wife and my son from time to time. I already has his pic on my mobile. The thing is I don't want to think about them when I'm busy with other stuff or at the wrong time. Also, the most important thing is that when I think about my family, they always appear to be in 'motion' mode. Like a movie clip, not a still picture. So, it doesn't work for me.

Actually, I only use 2 types of wallpaper nowadays. I could be considered to boring, but hey, I don't care what others are saying about that.

The first type is 'a piece of art' or 'picture', like a famous painting or sculpture. Cos, they are not very intrusive to my mind. Cos, it reminds me the scenary in some museums that I'd been before. Very quiet, relaxing, I could sit or lean on a chair in the middle of the room, and just look at a painting or scultpure for minutes quietly by myself. No rush on anything. Very sureal I would say.

The second type is like I'm using now, a scenic picture. I like to see scenic view of nature. Not the man-made stuff like buildings. For nature things, I prefer to see water, not rough sea but ponds or lakes. Relatively quiet or even still water. I like trees, leaves, as well in the picture. Sky is ok. Just something to get me relax. That's why animals are no no. That's what I like.

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