Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A walk in the park

I've been working under pressure lately. On the home front, there are duties. It seems like I'm not doing a good job to be in the multiple roles that I'm for different people. I'm not sure if others realize that I'm not doing the best I can or I would say at the normal level that I used to be at. I've not heard seriously complaints and hopefully no major 'balls' have been dropped. Nonetheless, I do feel that I'm about to reach a point that I can't function properly anymore. Well, it is not anything physical or medical (touchwood), it is all in my head!

However, our actions and speech are all driven from what's going on in my head. So, it really matters! As a result, I took a relative quick lunch today by myself, and took a walk in the park that need my office building. I'd been that park many times, but this time it is just me and the park. Surely, there are others there, but to me it is a nice place for me to clear my mind, to settle my thoughts and 'reboot' myself. Did it work this time? At the end of today while looking back, based on how I feel in my afternoon hours, I would say 'yes'! I'm rebooted!

I use this method many times, it just works for me. In the park, I can relax, look at 'natural' things: flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds, trees, rocks, etc. Just simple nature stuff! I laid back on a bench and feel the wind blowing and the sunshine. I needed them very much, they put my mind in still water, so I could relax. While in physical contact with nature, it helped me to reach my own 'internal' nature to put it in some kinds of balance. That 45 minutes were worth every penny of it. I don't need to talk to people, counselling by shrink, take on any chemical substances, etc. Just able to sit back and really relax. I did need that in this hectic days and stressful life....

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