Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life talk

Today is not my birthday, but lately I've been thinking about 'life' a lot. Many years ago, I read a 'sarcastic humor' about what birthday is all about. It is said that, as long as you didn't die in last 365 days, you will have another birthday; one year older you are, one year closer to your death. Yes, it is not something you should tell your friends on their birthdays, but....if you think about it, what I mentioned are true. Just people don't like to hear something unpleasant though they are true.

I think about life because I feel that I'm getting older, also with responsibilities that I've and the 'unclear' future that I'm facing. Sometimes, though we are (touch wood) okay to get by day by day, I can't help but think about the future.

I think 'able to think about the future' is not a given. For folks living in desperate situation, their lives are hanging on thread. Just able to stay alive is all that matter to them. For other folks, when they can't see anything better can happen in future, what's the point of thinking about it.....
So, I'm glad that I can think about my future. I think that my son has a lot to do with that. e.g. the things that I can do with him and my wife together when he grows older, some father and son talks on different topics, etc. Nothing dramatic, just simple things would already be enjoyable to me.

Recent reading of some articles and watching some TV shows about someone who are much worse off financially than us just good reminder to me that fortune is not a given. Actually, nothing is given. We need to work to keep things that we have, and sometimes, 'things' just happen that can take away what we have. So, I always have to remind myself to look at things prospectively. A lot of things are just materialistic and physical stuff, what really matter to us are all depends on how we think. In other words, it is all in our head! Unless we can't think, we can change our mind to look at same thing. We need to be adaptive, the world most likely won't fit us, so we need to morph ourselves to adapt to the changes around us. Certainly, moral values and beliefs need to be firmly in place, otherwise, we will not be happy if people that matter to us don't accept us.

Do I sound too preachy? I'm not sure, but these are what I've been thinking about lately. Just wanna share with whoever is interested....

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