Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Busy daytime + Dream

Tasks at work are so stressful that I've been exhausted mentally in last 2 weeks. With conference calls at night and other stuff. I just wanna see the end of it asap.

Home life is ok, my son continues to give me a bundle of joy. I hope he can eat more as he is a bit underweight. However, as long as he is healthy. That's all that matter.

I didn't sleep very well lately, it has more to do with quantity than quality. I still dream. Last night's dream was interesting, I saw the following things in my dream (not in particular order): In first set of my dream, I saw a polish coworker of mine, Morgan Stanley's office, a bunch of bloggers that I don't know who are working in Morgan Stanley, a French guy who like hiking, a gathering of some sort, CCTV; second set in my dream I saw Rambo, machine gun shooting popup hyperlinks on a website, Uma Thurman, an Afghan boy, twinkees, a black backpack, a mansion; the last part of my dream I saw an apartment with bunkbed, stereos and 2 guys. One of the guy sell action figures. He tried to sell a batman action figure plus another a woman figure to me for $60.....strange dream as usual!

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