Monday, April 13, 2009


I went to see the Oscar-winning best foreign film from Japan - Departure, with my wife. I kinda knew the story beforehand and had certain level of expectation. Namely, it is an art film and it is more than 2 hrs long. Well, the result was that this movie basically didn't disappoint me. The acting are decent, especially for the actor, playing a very typical Japanese man. THe actress was also doing a decent job. The story is heart-warming with sadness as well as humor. A very well balance that the director was able to achieve. The only surprise for me was the ending was kinda sudden, I didn't see that coming like that. I thought it should have few more minutes of wrap-up, like the birth of the main character's son or something. But, it doesn't take much away the story overall.

Yes, it is a good introduction of another aspect of Japanese culture. The respect that they pay to the death. However, in these day and age, I think more simplified verison that is 'greener' should be better be promoted. The best trick that the movie use was the stones, the so-called 'stone letter' to pass an unwritten and up-for-interpretation message. I think it is a nice way to wrap the story up. Anyway, I enjoy the film and I think it is quite a decent movie to go to.

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